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    Busing Freshmen for Freshman Campus (LCC/King) Starting September 10th:

    A student is AM BLOCK/ROUTE if their schedule is FA for hours 1-4.

    A student is PM BLOCK/ROUTE if their schedule is FA for hours 5-8.

    This plan is in effective from Monday, September 10th.


    1. Students will be picked up at the stop of their bus card. Please review your card and if there is a problem, dallas-ryan@ksd111.org

    2. Students who live in walking range of KHS will walk to KHS and get on bus to LCC/KING. Arrive at KHS by 7:00 am in front lobby. Bus will leave KHS at 7:10 for LCC/KING.

    3. Students who live in walking range to LCC/KING can walk to LCC/KING.

    4. Freshmen will be dropped off at LCC/KING by driver dependent upon route. (Either bus will go to LCC/KING 1 st , then KHS or KHS 1 st then LCC/KING dependent upon proximity of route to school). Students should INFORM the driver if they start the day at LCC/KING!

    5. ALL drivers dropping at LCC/KING will drop at the back door of LCC in the AM ONLY! Students will enter there to get breakfast.

    6. ALL AM Students will be picked up by buses BETWEEN LCC/King at 11:10 am and return to KHS.

    7. Students will be dropped off at the BACK GYM entrance of KHS upon return to KHS.


    1. ALL PM STUDENTS will be picked up at KHS at 10:50 (buses leave KHS at 10:55). Buses have been 10:55 and 11:10 to transport students to LCC/King. Buses should PICK UP students at the BACK GYM entrance of KHS.

    2. Students will be dropped off BETWEEN LCC/King at 11:10 am.

    3. PM STUDENTS will be picked up at 2:30 at LCC/King (buses leave LCC/King at 2:35). If PM Students live within walkable distance to LCC/King they can walk home. PM Students who are walkers and in after-school activities will need to return to KHS however.

    4. PM Students will arrive at KHS prior to 2:50 so they can get on their correct bus to go home or go to their after-school activities at KHS.

    BAND: 1st hour Band students will be dropped off at KENNEDY. Other band students will be shuttled from KHS to Kennedy the hour the student has band.

     First Day of School Information - Mr. Harris's Letter

    A letter from the KHS principal providing important information about the start of school

     Daily Journal Article - First Day of School

    Article from the Daily Journal about the construction and the first day of school

    Google Classroom

    KHS upper classmen online class resource

    Kankakee School District Facebook

    KSD 111 Facebook where updates and information can be found


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  • Where do KHS students go the first day of school?

    Posted by:

    KHS Freshmen will attend half days at the high school by utilizing the mobile classrooms. Upperclassmen will start classes online using Google Classroom, Skyward, Remind 101, etc. Check out Mr. Harris's letter to students and parents located in the Useful Links section on this webpage. 

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  • Where can I find updates about the first few weeks of school?

    Posted by:

    The KHS Transformation webpage will contain all of the updates related to the high school and the first few weeks of school. Check back periodically for new information. The Kankakee School District Facebook is also a great resource for school-related updates, and it can be accessed through the useful links section on this webpage. 

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  • Does this affect sports and other clubs? How will students receive this information?

    Posted by:

    Sports and activities will begin on time starting August 6th. Parents and students should frequently check Kankakee Athletics Facebook page as well as the athletics webpage, here.

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  • How will lunch be handled?

    Posted by:

    The Freshman Academy students will receive breakfast or lunch during half day sessions. Therefore, some students would receive breakfast and some lunch depending on their session.  

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  • What are some of the locations where upperclassmen will have access to Wi-Fi and other resources?

    Posted by:

    -KCC Trio Computer Lab, King Middle School, Kankakee Junior High School, Stefari Cafe (downtown Kankakee).

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  • What will Career Center students do during this time?

    Posted by:

    We are currently working on a plan where all the students will attend Career Center based on their address. Ideally students will be picked up from a designated location that students can access, and they will dropped off at KACC according to their time slots. Career Center starts on August 22nd.  This plan is contingent upon approval from the Business Office. Students who are enrolled in Career Center will be contacted with more information. Students will need to check their email regularly to obtain their bussing information and their time slot information.

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  • What will students enrolled in first semester Driver's Ed do during this time?

    Posted by:

    They will be working off Rules of the Road through Google Classroom.  Drivers Ed teachers will communicate the objectives students need to be completing through Google Classroom.  The late start will not affect student driving.

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