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Dress Code Guidelines

Dress Code Guidelines - ENGLISH / SPANISH

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Please click on the above links for Dress Code information. Uniforms are an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps allow students to feel pride in their school. It also helps prepare students for life, where many will have to dress accordingly for the workforce. Subsequently, we are only 10 days away before the new school year starts. We want to start the school year as consistently as possible. Please ensure that your child arrives at school in full uniform on August 22, 2022. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Blue Jeans CAN be worn on Fridays ONLY!!!. Students MUST have on Kanakee spirit wear or college gear

  • Remote/Blended students must adhere to the uniform guidelines when they enter the building

  • Students who attend KCC or KACC must wear their uniforms when they have scheduled classes at the high school

  • Ripped Jeans and Leggings  ARE NOT permissible on any day

  • Students are able to wear Crocs, but they MUST BE IN SPORT mode

  •  Hats (this also includes females), hoodies, bonnets, scarfs, etc. ARE NOT permissible on students’ heads. Students, who utilized these items for religious reasons, are to meet with their class administrator for further discussion

  • Pajamas and house shoes are not permissible