PreK-3 Social Emotional Learning

  • Group Theraplay® is a social-emotional instructional strategy and intervention that enhances relationships, self-esteem, trust in others, and joyful engagement.  Theraplay complements the classroom’s regular social-emotional curriculum.  A Theraplay Group is an adult-directed, structured play group that incorporates playful, cooperative and nurturing activities that enhance the emotional well-being of students and supports the development of healthy peer relationships.  Unlike other approaches to social-emotional learning, Theraplay learning takes place on a non-verbal level.  Instead of talking about positive social behavior, the group leaders and students DO positive social interaction.  Gradually, positive messages from the groups become a part of the student’s internal sense of himself. 


    Theraplay® Groups:

    • Create an atmosphere that is warm, nurturing, engaging, challenging and FUN!
    • Promote warm relationships between students and adults and friendships among peers
    • Engage hard-to-reach students
    • Place emphasis on cooperation between students
    • Encourage students to learn and practice self- control and social skills
    • Help students with self-regulation and tactile issues and other sensory processing issues