Kankakee School District 111

  • Kankakee School District 111 has a wonderful rich, architectural heritage. The District houses eleven school facilities that were constructed in the 1920, 1950, and 1960 eras. Several schools have building additions used to accommodate growth in the years following the original construction.
    The District has an enrollment of 5,800 students. Our staff is dedicated to making the classroom environment positive and engaging, while taking great pride in the daily restoration and maintenance of these facilities.

    Kankakee School District

    Avis Huff Student Support Services Center

    • IMPACT Program
    • Student Services Offices

    Lincoln Cultural Center

    • K-8 Montessori Classrooms
    • Administration Building


    • 3rd Grade CCA
    • Computer Magnet Program

    Mark Twain

    • Preschool Classrooms
    • 2nd Grade CCA
    • Dual Language Magnet Program

    Junior High School

    • Grade 7-8 Classrooms
    • Gifted Program
    • AVID Program


    • Head Start PreSchool  
    • Foster Grandparent Program

    Kankakee High School

    • Grade 9 -12 Classrooms


    • Dual Language Academy


    • Grade 4-6 CCA
    • Art Magnet Program
    • Science Magnet Program
    • Gifted Program


    • K-1 CCA
    • Science Magnet Program
    • Fine Arts Magnet Program


    • Grade 4-6  CCA
    • Computer Magnet Program
    • Math Magnet Program
    • Gifted Program