Kankakee Board of Education

  • Board of Education Meeting Dates for 2023-2024

    Board of Education Meeting Dates for 2024-2025

    The Kankakee School District Board of Education is composed of seven elected members deeply committed to ensuring a quality of educational excellence that will enhance the opportunities and challenges facing today's student. Board members are elected to four-year terms and receive no salary for their services. They may seek reelection to any number of terms. 

    Among the Board's many responsibilities include selection of the District superintendent, developing general policies according to the wishes of the community and requirements of law, and hiring school personnel based upon recommendation of the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel. The Board adopts salary schedules, approves funds to finance school operations, and must adopt and review the annual operating budget for the District. Setting the property tax levy to produce adequate funds to meet the District's financial needs ranks among the responsibilities of the Board of Education. 

    Elected by the citizens of Kankakee, the Board of Education meets regularly. A copy of the meeting agenda is posted in each school on the Friday preceding the Board meeting and is also available from the Superintendent's Office. All Board meetings are open to the public and provide time during each regular meeting for citizens to publicly comment on issues relating to the District's schools. The Board is always anxious to hear the perspective of the public and welcomes the contributions and suggestions it receives from this input.