Identification Process


    All second grade students are screened for possible admission to the Gifted Education Program beginning of December/January

    • This initial screening consists of a non-verbal reasoning ability test. (Matrix Analogies Test)
    • the top 35% of students are then identified for further screening consisting of ability tests OLSAT and cogAT (IQ).  December on the Mark Scores are also used.
    • Teacher/Parent rating Checklists are another tool.
    • Using a matrix and a weighed profile for selection, students are then identified for the Gifted Education Program at the close of their second grade year. 


    Students entering the Kankakee Junior High School are then re-identified for the Honors program.

    • Students are evaluated on Achievement (ITBS) and Ability Tests (ISAT) taken at the fifth and sixth grade levels.
    • Score obtained on the IOWA algebra Aptitude Test (given at the end of the sixth grade) are used as part of the qualifying matrix.
    • The CosAT(IQ) given at the 5th grade is also an evaluating tool.
    • Using a matrix and weighed profile for selection, students' scores are ranked and the  final section for the Hono


    New students entering the District may qualify at any time.  All entering students will be evaluated and entered into the matrix and ranked with the other qualified gifted students.