All About Preschool

  • Kankakee School District 111 preschool programs aim to provide high-quality holistic programming for all children, prioritizing services for vulnerable or at-risk children.  Kankakee School District 111’s (KSD) goal is to have a birth to graduation continuum of support enabling all children to be successful students and responsible citizens.  Programming includes Head Start, Preschool for All (PFA), Preschool for All Expansion (PFAE), and Prevention Initiative (PI) yielding a zero-third grad learning system, optimizing student’s outcomes and decreasing disparities.


    Our program has worked to develop and implement three School Improvement Goals that support the vision and mission of Kankakee School District and exemplify our desire to continue to be a leader in providing high-quality learning opportunities.  The School Improvement Goals are:


    1. The preschool program will further develop and implement multi-tiered systems of support for all students in order to promote cradle to career readiness.

    2. The preschool program will build a positive public perception by developing strong relationships with all stakeholders, ensuring families and staff have the skills and knowledge to provide a stable home and school environment that supports social-emotional health and family stability.

    3. The preschool management team will design uniform systems for Head Start, PFA, PFAE, and PI while adhering to grant requirements to provide clear communication of expectations as well as roles and responsibilities to support, encourage, and retain staff.


    Curriculum and Assessment


    • Frog Street

    • Creative Curriculum

    • Teaching Strategies Gold