Gifted Cluster-Groups


    Description of Cluster-Group Tier

    • Service in the Cluster-Group tier consists of differentiated instruction provided in the regular classrooms in a cluster-group structure. Regular teachers in these cluster group classrooms have training in gifted education. The regular teacher is the primary instructional delivery source with the facilitating teacher providing support and a supplemental push-in/pull-out program. A facilitating teacher services the third grade classes having cluster groups (approx. 11 classrooms at six schools); the fourth through sixth grade classrooms having cluster groups (approx. 24 classrooms at three schools). Students qualify for this program at the close of their second grade year, enter in their third grade year, and remain in the program through sixth grade, unless leaving by parent/teacher/student choice. Non-qualifying high ability students may take part in the activities of the cluster group when their abilities, special interests, or needs warrant inclusion. Students new to the district during the school year are added during that year if all qualification requirements are met. Students in this tier must re-qualify for the Junior High Honors Program.

    • Facilitators meet Cluster-Groups students at the assigned schools for two hours per week. The subjects of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics are enhanced through higher level thinking skills throughout course of the year.