Superintendent's Office

  • Dr. Teresa Lance

    July 8, 2024

    Dear Kankakee School Staff, Families, and Community Partners,

    I am deeply honored to serve as the next Superintendent of Kankakee School District. During the Board of Education’s search process, it was shared, during community meetings and focus groups, that the next Superintendent of Kankakee should be a person who:

    • Makes decisions based on what is best for students; keeps students at the center of planning and decision-making. 
    • Communicates a clear vision for the future of the district while inspiring others to act by that vision; establishes and maintains high expectations for all students and staff.
    • Communicates decisions with clarity, reason, and empathy after considering input from stakeholders.
    • Promotes excellence in the quality of the teaching staff, placing a priority on hiring and retaining highly skilled educators while providing development opportunities for all. 
    • Exhibits a balance between self-confidence and humility; acts decisively but listens carefully before making a decision.

    Although the list above is not the exhaustive list shared with me, it is apparent that our Board of Education is committed to having a school organization where excellence permeates throughout the entirety of our district. As the new Superintendent of Kankakee School District 111, I’ve spent the latter part of the winter, the spring and early summer getting to know many facets of our community. Now that July is here, I plan to spend my first 100-days continuing to become acquainted with Kankakee. Moreover, during these next 100-days, I, along with members of my district transition team, will engage in a series of activities culminating in a robust report of our community strengths, challenges, and areas of opportunity.

    I am energized to work alongside each of you to sustain and strengthen the positive work already underway. More importantly, I am committed to providing support and resources as we cultivate the academic excellence of every single Kankakee student and promote equity throughout. As I work alongside you, I am guided by several core values: communication, educational equity, high expectations, integrity, and kindness that I aspire to demonstrate in both my words and actions.

    Finally, please be on the lookout for an opportunity to engage with me as I will be hosting various gatherings this school year. You can also stay informed with the most up to date news and stay connected by frequently visiting our website at and our district Facebook page at


    With much appreciation and gratitude!

    Teresa A. Lance

    Teresa A. Lance, Ed.D

    Superintendent of Kankakee School District