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    New Afterschool Supper Program in Kankakee District 111  

    Beginning, Monday, September 17th, KSD111 opened their first After-School Supper site at the Junior High School. Recently, we added our second After-School Supper site at the High School.

    The Afterschool Supper Program connects children with a free healthy meal in a safe, supervised location. Afterschool Supper sites offer fun learning and recreational activities so kids and teens can eat a healthy meal while staying active and being with friends.

    Afterschool Supper Program Details:

    • Meals are FREE to children and teens ages 18 and younger
    • Adults are welcome to enjoy supper at a cost of $4.00 per meal.
    • Food served at afterschool supper sites follows USDA nutrition guidelines and are paid for by the USDA
    • Afterschool supper sites are at fun, safe places for kids to go such as schools, churches, community centers and other places
    • Sites offer learning and recreational activities for kids of all ages so they can eat, hang out with friends and take part in activities offered
    • Parents don’t need to apply to the program or show proof of income
    • Suppers will be served starting at 2:45pm until 4:30pm. Suppers will be available on all scheduled full day sessions.

    The Afterschool Supper Program not only saves you money, but ensures your kids are getting the healthy meals they need in a safe, supervised place. Please call the Food Service Department at 815-933-0725 to learn more. 




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