Magnet Programs

  • Magnet applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be available at the Magnet Showcase on January 30, 2018 or on this page on January 31, 2018.  Magnet applications will be accepted at the showcase or at any district location beginning January 31, 2018.

    Kankakee School District Magnet Programs


    Julie Penrod, Director of Enrichment Programs
    240 Warren Ave.
    Kankakee, IL 60901 
    Phone:  815-802-7728
    Fax: 815-936-8942 
    Mission Statement:

    The Kankakee School District is totally committed to providing quality educational opportunities designed to meet the diverse academic, physical, and vocational needs of all our students.  We strive to establish a supportive learning environment in which students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for a productive life in the 21st Century, develop a healthy self-image and positive social behaviors, and appreciate ethnic and cultural differences.  To achieve this purpose, teachers, administrators, the Board of Education, parents, and students must work together to build an educational program which matches community expectations and available resources with the responsibility for developing enthusiastic life-long learners capable of meeting and solving society's problems.  

    Gifted Education Belief Statement:

    We believe that because gifted learners have specific educational and social needs. Kankakee District #111 is responsible for providing educational programming and personal support in a manner that best services those specific needs.  Furthermore, we believe that qualified students of all socio-economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds are entitled to equal access to programs for the gifted.


     Identification Process:



    Beginning in December, all second grade students are screened for possible admission to the Gifted Education Program.  This initial screening consists of a non-verbal ability test.  The top 35% of students are then identified for further screening using the Cognitive Abilities Test for Grade Two and the Otis Lennon Test of School Abilities along with Teacher/Parent Checklists and Performance Reading Scores.  Using a  matrix and a weighted profile for selection, students are then identified for the Gifted Education Program at the close of their second grade year. 



    Students entering the Kankakee Junior High School are then re-identified for the Honors program.  Students are evaluated on Achievement through AIMS web and Performance Series tests. Using a matrix and weighted profile for selection, students' scores are ranked and the final selection for the Jr. High Honors program is made.



    Any student entering Kankakee High School  that has demonstrated high achievement may enroll in Honors classes.  Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in a rigorous course of study while maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA. Students may also enter an Advanced Placement course beginning in their freshmen year.



    New students entering District #111 may qualify at any time.  All entering students will be evaluated  and entered into the matrix and  ranked with the other qualified gifted students. 


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