• Dr. Genevra A. Walters

    Kankakee School District #111 is committed to supporting our students from cradle to careers. Our supports to children and their families include a program for students’ ages 0-3 called First Taste. We also support our preschool age children through Bright Beginnings and the Kankakee County Head Start Program, both housed within our district.

    Once your child reaches school age, we have multiple pathways including:

    •  College Career Academy K-8
    •  Dual Language Academy K-6 (for our English Language Learners)
    •  Montessori Magnet K-8
    •  Fine Arts Magnet K-6
    •  Science Magnet K-6
    •  Engineering Magnet K-6
    •  Math INC Magnet K-6
    •  Dual Language Magnet K-6
    •  Gifted Program 3-6
    •  Advanced Scholar 7-8
    •  International Baccalaureate 7-8

    As a high school student, students will enter the Freshmen Academy where there will be support for personalized learning based on plans for postsecondary opportunities. During 2018-2019, freshmen will participate in Competency Based Education (CBE). CBE will focus on supporting mastery of skills needed for future college and/or career opportunities. CBE focuses on academic skills and workplace readiness in a way that is not constrained by time (traditional bell schedule) or place (school building). Over time, we hope that students will begin to explore internships after their first two years of high school that will help them explore career opportunities in the field of their choice.

    Beginning the 2020-21 school year, the high school will add two academies to the already existing academies. The new academy model will begin for students during their second year of high school. The academies will include:

    • Business Academy
    • Medical Academy
    • Leadership Academy
    • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) Academy

    We encourage high school parents to support their children by participating in Advanced Placement courses, Honors courses, and courses at Kankakee Community College as an important part of their learning plan.

    The goal of Kankakee School District #111 is to close the opportunity gap for all children. We encourage families and community members to visit our schools and support us as we work to achieve this goal.

    One Community, One District, One Vision for ALL Children

    Dr. Genevra A. Walters, Superintendent